Have you heard of this? I am always on the look out for ways to give back. Being so blessed in my business and family, I want to say thank you in a meaningful way. When the fires came through these mountains and took quite a few homes, I donated print packages to the families who lost their homes. I donate print packages for auctions for local fundraising events.. I want to give back.

I ran across  Tiny Sparrow Foundation last week and just fell in love with their mission. “We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lasting memories through the beautiful art of photography to the families within the United States of America with children who are facing life threatening illnesses.

Wow, that is amazing! Providing pictures for families whose baby, toddler, teenager’s, are facing a life threatening illness, at no cost to them!  To think that I can give them a break from the everyday, to think that I can give the parents images to hold on to for life, to think that I can encourage this family and what a blessing to be able to spend some time with these beautiful people.

tiny sparrow foundation photographer