Plur is typically associated with the rave industry. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect is what it stands for. There is an entire rave culture that comes about when a rave comes to town. They trade Kandi’s {bracelets}, they dress up in costume and head out looking for an awesome experience. What ever your take on the rave culture is, there is no denying that there are some that go to raves to have a good time, but leave lost, high and vulnerable.

Plur Life Ministries is a group of moms, dads and young adults who have a heart for these kids, {I call them kids, but they are actually young adults} who go to these raves expecting peace, love, unity and respect but end up leaving with no sense of where they are, dehydrated because they did not have enough money to purchase water inside and no idea where their friends are to help them get back to the hotel which they are walking to, blocks away, at 3am in the morning.

What can Plur do for the young adults who are in need of help? They provide waters, they provided rides to hotels, they walk with the kids to locate their cars and or their friends, they provide blankets for them when they are freezing coming down from their high and they pray for them. They pray with them. They pour out the love of Jesus on them and tell them how valuable they are and how loved they are. They don’t preach to them, but when they are asked why they are so nice, they share God’s love with them. They also give them Kandi. Those bracelets I was telling you about, which are handmade by volunteers who pray over them and over them and over them. The rave moms hand each and everyone they come across Kandi that says plurway.com on it so they can find the website and find answers the next day or a week later.

Well, Plur Life Ministry, as I said is all volunteers, also has something called Camp 33. And it’s FREE for the campers to attend! They invite kids to come spend the weekend with them. They have an awesome feast, have a great time on the lake, visit an old mine, go off roading in the jeeps, camp under the stars and roast marshmallows to their liking. Click on the link to find out more information, really, it’s awesome!!

I had the honor of hanging out with these amazing group of volunteers last Saturday taking pictures of what they do and how awesome an experience Camp 33 is. This is a camp where they don’t expect the attendees to believe what they believe, to become a christian or to join their church, they only ask that the campers come excited for a weekend they will never forget and be open to hear what they have to say.

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