So many people are divided right now. Families, races, religions, you name it and you can find someone who opposes it. As a church, as a body of Christ, we are supposed to be united. That does not mean we totally agree on everything, it doesn’t mean we don’t have our own convictions and views. But as a body of Christ we are supposed to be as one. We are on the same team looking to finish the race. Not throw in road blocks in for each other! As  believers in Christ we are called to love one another. To be kind, gentle, peaceful and to LOVE.

Magnify is a band up here on the mountain that is  a combination of different worship bands from different churches across the mountain coming together, united, as one. Jackie & Joe are the master mind behind Magnify. They are not looking for recognition, but they have a heart for uniting people. They pour their hearts in to doing these events. These two are a beautiful couple who’s lives are dedicated to Jesus, who live Christ like every day and show us all how to love God’s people. And, on top of being amazing worship leaders, they are stinkin’ awesome people!!

This last concert was at the Lake Arrowhead Village. So  many people from so many churches showed up and Magnify didn’t disappoint! I can’t wait until the next Magnify event!

lake arrowhead village event photographer