There are many uses for a drone. Right now in my business I use them for weddings and real estate photography.

Using “Snapper” {that is the name of my drone} for weddings are pretty cool! Flying over the water while the couple is on the shore, or photographing from above the boat and making it seem as though they are in the middle of a large lake. Often times my brides are looking to get a group picture of all the guests at a wedding. That can easily range from 30 people to 200 people to sometimes 400. Well, to fit everyone in an image where I’m standing at the same height they are, it’s really hard to do. So doing it with Snapper, it makes it a lot easier! And a pretty cool shot!

pine rose cabins wedding photographer

Snapper is being used for a lot of real estate photography as well. Agents are finding that their clients are seeing the aerial images as an asset and help a lot when selling their homes. Aerial images can easily show property lines, solar panels on roofs tops, the proximity to town or a great shot of their view.

lake arrowhead real estate photographer

If you happen to be thinking, how can I refer Nichol and her drone. A real estate agent would be an awesome referral for me, but also, I’d love to get in touch with a building contractor. Maybe someone who needs to do roof inspections but really doesn’t want to climb the roof. I can take care of that with snapper!!

big bear roof inspection

Drones are fun to fly, for sure. But they are also heart stopping to fly. The thing is, they don’t just hold still, they drift. Sometimes it’s only a couple of inches, sometimes in a few inches and if you move the toggle the wrong way, it’s in a tree. It also, sometimes, thinks on its own. I know, “thinks on its own”, but when I’m flying it and I’m telling it to hover. Instead of hovering, it takes off on it’s own and it’s not listening to me. Heart stopping! If you happen to see me flying, I’m probably talking to it or holding the controller funny. Remember as a kid when you were playing video games and when you want the thing to go right you turn your controller to the right, even though that has no relation to moving the thing, it’s the joystick that moves it. Well, I’m that girl when flying, my controller is always moving along with my drone.

It’s kind of funny, I’m always so nervous to fly it, but I have never crashed it. And if it does happen to crash in to a tree, I can get another one. But I’m always so stinkin’ nervous that I’m going to crash it. All the  heart stopping, drifting and thinking on it’s own…still LOVE to fly it and even more, I love the images I can capture from above!

running springs aerial photographer