We had a great location picked out, got there and it was SUPER foggy. So we backtracked and found a spot that was not as foggy, but it was coming in. You can not tell in these pictures that they were freezing and look how cute these little ones are. In between the shots, they were shivering.

I have heard many times, “you are a fast shooter” or “we are done already”? Or the guys will say…”that was not so bad, we have had sessions where we are there forever.” But then I deliver the images and they say “wow, I can’t believe you got so many great pictures in that short amount of time.” I do tend to take more time when I am photographing adults or older kids. But when I have little ones, their attention span is not that long and they don’t like to sit. They want to move. And once they are done with me, everyone is done. My goal is to get as much as I can in a small amount of time. During sessions with little ones, we move a lot, we talk a lot and we are loud! And the majority of the time, it works.photographers in big bear