I love this family. I have had the pleasure of seeing them year after year, watch their little one grow and find her little personality. Now, they have a new little one on the way, a little boy. They are so excited. These littles are so blessed to have such an awesome mom and dad!!

How about her pink dress?! Isn’t it so cute! She stands out with the forest back ground, it looks great on her and how cute is her baby bump! She did a great job with their colors!! Their little girl is so cute and sweet. I would try so hard to get her to smile and then I would say, “OK, lets move over here” they would set her down and then BAM look at the smiles she had, the giggles bouncing around. LOL it was the funniest thing, every.time I didn’t have my camera on her, she smiled. Smiles or no smiles, she is adorable!!

photographer in lake arrowhead